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What The Hell Do These Two Want?

What The Hell Do These Two Want?

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Alpha males and the women who love

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Patience, integrity…and being a
little sweet always helps

Girl alpha seeks all man alpha

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My life, my choice

Is she afraid of losing control?

I log on to Facebook about two weeks ago, and I see that at 1 AM, my ex “liked” one of my pictures, and then commented on another one… saying, “I like the grown man look on you better….”

A few days later, I post another picture… Crush comes by and “likes” it as soon as I post it.

A few days later, again, my ex pops back up and leaves another comment on a picture, “this is a new one… i like it !!!”

Then, just the other day I was on the computer doing something… (I think I was writing a blog post actually) and I hear the Facebook chat window.  I don’t switch browsers right away to check it, but when I do, it’s a message from Crush…..

“miss you!”

What the fuck?

I’m finding both of these chicks real amusing right now.   I haven’t talked to either one of them in months really, until Crush pulled the initial comeback a couple of weeks ago.

Now, both of these chicks are blowing up my spot on Facebook?

Granted, I do look pretty damn good in my new pictures thanks to my recent weight loss and wardrobe update… but, still…

What do these chicks want?    Attention?   They’re both attractive enough to get that from damn near any dude….

Crush is really the hilarious one to me.  She almost seems desperate.

“miss you!”??   Yeah….. you told me that already….

So, I wake up on labor day morning and stumble to the kitchen table for breakfast.  On my way there, I grab the newspaper and open it up.

Normally, I just flip straight to the sports section, because honestly, I generally don’t care about shit else.  But, today, an article on the front page catches my eye…

It’s an article on women’s equality in the workplace and women’s equal pay… you know, shit like that, written up and printed there for labor day.

I check and see who wrote it… a woman, of course.  Some feminist cunt…. but I digress…

On to the article.  If I could find it online, I’d post it, but I checked and couldn’t find it.  Anyway, I read it, and here’s the synopsis.

Women, who don’t have children are earning on average as much as men are in the workplace.   In fact, women in their 20′s, without children, are earning 4% more than the average man in his 20′s.  The feminist cunt seemed happy with these statistics, but then, we get to the statistics she found problematic….. the women who do have kids.  Oh, no, they take time off for maternity leave and they fall behind never catch up to their male counter parts!!!    She seemed to ramble on and on about how the workplace is prejudice against moms.  Eventhough she briefly mentioned that women with children work less hours per week than men and women without children do… and they also take more time off from work during the course of an average year.  Yet, she didn’t seem to realize the correlation here.

Hey, no shit, Sherlock!  You work less hours and take more time off, you make less money.  I’m sorry if I fail to see the pay inequality here….

After I read it, I even showed the article to my mother….

Her response to author of the article:

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